Hi there!

Welcome to Junior Varisty Computer Science, a blog where I write code and talk about it! There are some things about the blog that I would like to iterate on, but as of right now, I think it is fully functional as a blog.

I imagine this blog will have three main categories of posts:

  1. Code - this might be coding interview questions I find interesting and want to share, in which case I’ll write down the question, insert a big white space or cut, and then walk through the process I went through to arrive at the optimal solution, outlining my lines of thought and any gotchas I ran into. It could also be an interesting algorithm that I translate into code, possibly in several different languages to compare and do a little language critique. It could even be me posting a snippet of code from a personal project and talking about why it sucks or why I’m proud of it. I’m considering making interview question posts weekly, maybe “Technical Interview Thursdays” or something.

  2. Reading list - this blog also will be where I post interesting articles or papers I read and where I write anything from a couple paragraphs to an entire essay on what I think of them. It could even be on broader topics where I tie several articles/papers together.

  3. Thoughts - the least frequent of the post types, where I post things I’ve been thinking about that I consider important enough to write about. Blog update posts, which I will only use for major changes, and life updates, which I will only use for extremely major changes like graduation or death, fall under this category.

To lots of posts! Josh